RACE 8(226)
Race Class: 3yo+ - 2000 Metres
HK$ 20,000,000.00
56k     Broadband  
Going : Good To Firm
Course :Turf - "A" Course
Race Time : (26.00)(50.2)(1.15.0)(1.38.8)(2.01.6)
Sectional Time : 26.0024.2024.8023.8022.80

1 8PRIDE (G602) C Lemaire de Royer-Dupre1229- 2.01.603.5
2 7ADMIRE MOON (H614) Y Take H Matsuda 1234SH  2.01.6011
3 1VENGEANCE OF RAIN (D142) A Delpech D E Ferraris 12622  2.01.905
4 2VIVA PATACA (G096) C Soumillon J Moore 12683-1/2
5 5ART TRADER (E131) E Saint-MartinJ Moore 126124-1/2  2.02.3074
6 10SATWA QUEEN (H615) L Dettori J de Roualle 12254-3/4  2.02.3027
7 11DIA DE LA NOVIA (H616) Y Fukunaga K Sumii 122115-1/4  2.02.4038
8 4HELLO PRETTY (E210) B Prebble A S Cruz 12665-1/2  2.02.503.3
9 9ALEXANDER GOLDRUN (E605) K Manning J S Bolger 122107-3/4  2.02.8010
10 12MUSICAL WAY (H617) R Thomas P van de Poele12239-1/2  2.03.1099
11 3GROWL (H613) C Williams D A Hayes 126713-1/4  2.03.7029
12 6HIGH INTELLIGENT (D317) D Whyte J Size 126117-1/4  2.04.3051
Note: Special incidents index
Winning Combination
Dividend (HK$)
WIN8 35.50
PLACE8 16.50
7 30.00
1 17.50
QUINELLA7,8 218.00
1,8 35.00
1,7 93.50
TIERCE8,7,1 1,406.00
TRIO1,7,8 242.00
FIRST 41,2,7,8 561.00
7THDOUBLE10/8 1,013.00
10/7 353.50

Racing Incident Report
VIVA PATACA bounded in the air at the start and lost ground and was then taken across behind runners to improve its position on the fence. HELLO PRETTY began awkwardly and bumped the outside gate of its stall. On jumping, MUSICAL WAY was crowded for room between VENGEANCE OF RAIN and ADMIRE MOON, both of which shifted ground. ADMIRE MOON also became unbalanced. Approaching the first turn, MUSICAL WAY was steadied when awkwardly placed between VENGEANCE OF RAIN and SATWA QUEEN. Making the turn at the 800 Metres, VENGEANCE OF RAIN got its head on the side, commenced to lay in and was steadied away from the heels of HELLO PRETTY. At the 700 Metres, ART TRADER was steadied away from the heels of VIVA PATACA. Near the 600 Metres, MUSICAL WAY was checked when crowded for room between SATWA QUEEN and VIVA PATACA (C Soumillon) which at this time shifted to the outside of GROWL which was commencing to give ground. ADMIRE MOON, which was following MUSICAL WAY, was steadied in consequence. In the circumstances, C Soumillon was severely reprimanded. R Thomas (MUSICAL WAY) reported in this incident he momentarily lost the use of his left stirrup. In the early part of the Straight, ADMIRE MOON was held up and unable to obtain clear running between ALEXANDER GOLDRUN and PRIDE. Throughout the race, ALEXANDER GOLDRUN travelled wide and without cover. When questioned regarding the performance of HELLO PRETTY, B Prebble said his mount travelled satisfactorily until after the 700 Metres. He said at that time VENGEANCE OF RAIN improved on his outside and made contact with HELLO PRETTY on several occasions. He said when this occurred, HELLO PRETTY appeared to lose concentration and did not travel as comfortably as it had been. He said in the Straight HELLO PRETTY did not close the race off in the manner in which it had at its most recent start. HELLO PRETTY was sent for an official veterinary inspection and sampling. A veterinary inspection of HELLO PRETTY after the race did not show any significant findings. PRIDE and ADMIRE MOON were sent for sampling.

/Breed of the Winning Horse-Online
/Sire: Peintre Celebre
/Dam: Specificity

Cathay Pacific Hong Kong Cup - Quotes

10 December 2006

1st Christophe Lemaire, jockey Pride:

"When it came to the last corner I was behind Alexander Goldrun. She helped me in to the race but unfortunately we had to come a little bit early. She has a great turn of foot, but her run is quite short so she was stopping a bit for me at the end and I was frightened we might get caught. She has that very special fighting spirit that got her home."

1st Alain de Royer-Dupre, trainer Pride:

"She is a marvellous filly with a brilliant turn of foot. Today is a special story in a long career. We have a new system of keeping three great fillies going and today all three are retiring. As for me, I will have to find another one.

1st Sven Hanson, owner of Pride:

"It was a great win today, but that is definitely the end of her career. Enough is enough. I don't want to take any more risks."

2nd Yutaka Take, jockey Admire Moon

"I had him settled well. He didn't jump from the gates too smoothly so I had him at the back and he quickened very well in the stretch. It was a great run but I'm very sorry to finish so close. He's still only a three-year-old colt so he is something to look forward to for the future."

3rd Anthony Delpech, jockey Vengeance Of Rain

"I had to come out at the 1000 metres mark because another horse was coming back on me. Anyway he's run his heart out today but the other two were just too strong."

4th Christophe Soumillon (Viva Pataca)

"I was happy with his run today and he's on the way back and has stepped up from his last two runs."

5th Art Trader, jockey Eric Saint-Martin

"I had a nice run on the fence and he didn't do too badly for a horse nobody liked."

6th Frankie Dettori (Satwa Queen)

"She's a run a great race. She was really going forward turning for home and I was very happy with her effort but just not good enough today. A good effort after the long season's she's had."

7th Katsuhiko Sumii (Dia De La Novia)

"She's still green, she needs to be more grown up mentally."

8th Brett Prebble (Hello Pretty)

"To be honest I'm just not sure what to make of the run. Guess it's back to the drawing board with him."

9th Jim Bolger, trainer Alexander Goldrun

"There were no excuses really. I was perfectly happy until turning in to the straight. It's the end of a great era.... she owes us nothing. She's now retired and is one of three great fillies to have retired today."

10th Ronan Thomas (Musical Way)

"She had a good run but could not improve in the straight."

11th Craig Williams (Growl)

"He ran well. We got some cheap sectionals up front but they attacked a long way from home. He had his spring in Melbourne and some of the others might have been a bit fresher. He'll win some races here in Hong Kong, though."

12th Douglas Whyte (High Intelligent)

"Just no good."

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