a Aluminum Pads j Aluminum Pad s Nasal Strip
b Blinkers k Flipping Halter t Turndowns
c Mud Caulks l Bar Shoes u Spurs
d Glued Shoes m Blocks w Queen's Plates
e Inner rims n No Whip y No Shoes
f Front Bandages o Blinker Off z Tongue Tie
g Goggles p Pads 1 Running W's
h Outer Rims q Nasal Strip Off 2 Screens
i Inserts r Bar Shoe 3 Shields

Medication Definitions
B Bute
L Lasix
A Adjunct Medication
C 1st Time Bute
M 1st Time Lasix

Other Definitions

MTO -Main Track Only. This means the race is scheduled to be run on the turf, and these horses will not actually start. If for some reason the race is moved to the dirt course (the main track) then the MTO horses will start in addition to the others.

Race Card is all races at a track for that day

R Restricted S Statebred Restriction A Auction Restriction

RACE TYPES (Thoroughbred and Arabian)

Starter Handicap
This category is reserved for horses that have been running in inferior claiming company, but have improved to the point that they would not be risked being sold in a claiming race. In effect this race is an allowance race restricted to horses that have previously run in a claiming race at a specific level (e.g. starters for a claiming price of $5,000). In a starter handicap race, horses are weighted similar to a handicap race.

Races are classified as STAKES races when the meet two basic criteria, 1) They have money added to the base purse of the race in the form of nomination, entry and or starter fees paid by owners; 2) Nominations for a STAKES race must close at least 72 hours prior to its running.
Stakes races can be under allowance conditions (weight off allowed based upon number of wins or money won); handicap conditions (Racing Secretary or Handicapper assigns weight based upon past performances with the goal of giving each horse an equal chance to win the race) or weight for age conditions, (each horse carries equal weights based upon their age and sex).

Starter Allowance
Starter allowance races are identical to starter handicap races with the only difference that horses competing in this race are weighted through allowance conditions (i.e. number of races or money won).

This race type refers to a race where the weights are assigned by the track’s Racing Secretary or Handicapper based upon past performances. Their goal is to assign weight to each horse so that all entrants have an equal chance of winning the race. THERE IS NO ADDED MONEY IN A HANDICAP RACE.

Maiden Special Weight
These races are reserved for horses that have never won a race. They are not eligible to be claimed. The term special weight is derived from the fact that arbitrary weights are assigned to horses by age. (e.g. 3 year olds 118 pounds, older 122 pounds.)

Claiming races are the most commonly run races in the country. Horses competing in claiming races are offered for sale for a specified priced to eligible buyers.

Optional Claiming
This race type is quite involved and incorporates features of starter allowance and claiming races. Horses competing in this type of race can either compete as a claimer, or as a starter allowance horse, with no claiming price.
Those competing in this race that are not eligible to be claimed must have competed at or below the claiming level specified, and have not won a race at the specified claiming or higher since last competing at the specified claiming level or a lower claiming price.

Maiden Claiming
Maiden claiming races are for horses that have never won a race and are eligible to be claimed.

Optional Claiming Handicap
This type race is an OPTIONAL CLAIMING race that is run under HANDICAP conditions. See both race types listed for a further explanation

Maiden Optional Claiming
This type race is restricted to maidens (non-winners lifetime) that run under the conditions exactly as those for optional claiming races (see Optional Claiming above).

Claiming Handicap
A race for horses entered to be claimed, with weight assignments similar to those of a handicap race (see Handicap listed above).

Claiming Stakes
A race for horses entered to be claimed. Nomination and possibly entry and starters fees are added to the base purse.

Match Race
A match race is a race that involves just two horses. It can be run under a number of conditions, but generally is run in allowance or handicap conditions.
To qualify as a MATCH RACE, only two horses were entered in the race. The race does not qualify as a MATCH RACE if more than two horses originally entered the race and some were scratched, making it a two-horse field. .

Training Race
This race type is to be used ONLY in conjunction with Steeplechase races. The National Steeplechase Association has designated some races run on the "Flat" as TRAINING races.

Past Performance symbols
These symbols are used in past performance lines.

indicates a turf race
indicates a state-restricted race
indicates a sealed track
indicates an all weather track
indicates a inner dirt track
indicates a layoff of 30 days or more

Workout Codes
"b" means "breezing".
"bg" means "breezing from the gate".
"h" means "handily".

Codes for Track Conditions

Turf Conditions:

HD - Hard - Surface is hard and horses do not have normal cushion of the course; frequently follows periods of drought and high temperatures.

FM - Firm - Equivalent to Fast on Dirt Track; course is dry and at peak efficiency.

GD - Good - The drying process continues, times improve and the track is approaching a FIRM condition. Fewer divots may be evident.

YL - Yielding - Usually following some wet weather; horses' hooves dig up the course and divots are flying; times are slower

SF - Soft - Usually following prolonged wet weather; horses' hooves sink in and dig up the course; times are considerably slower.

Dirt Conditions:

FT - Fast - Completely dry and at optimal efficiency.

WF - Wet Fast - Occurs immediately after a heavy rain; track has surface water on it, but the base is still solid, accounting for times similar to (or even faster than) a fast track.

SY - Sloppy - As the track continues to accumulate moisture, the base is still solid but water is beginning to seep into the base; SURFACE WATER IS EVIDENT.

MY - Muddy - Moisture has permeated the base of the track; times are somewhat slower and running tires the horses more.

SL - Slow - The racing surface has begun to dry out; the base is still soft, but surface drying is evident; times are generally slower than normal.

HY - Heavy - Similar to Muddy, track surface is deep and consistency is thick, an obvious slowing of times will be apparent as will the tiring of front runners.

GD - Good - The drying process continues, times improve and the track is approaching a FAST condition. Some flying dust may be evident.

FZ - Frozen - As a result of sustained low temperatures, ice particles have formed on the racing surface.

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